A new bathroom can be life changing. The bathroom is the space where we start the preparation for our day. It needs to be organized and functional, but also inspirational. It should be a place that fills you with the confidence needed to answer the challenges of the day. The bathroom is also the place where we wind down before bed. It needs to be an area of serenity, with a calming effect that helps us shed the stresses of the day. We will show you how to create this Zen environment with dimmable lights and color pallets that will put you in a place of peace and tranquility. The only drawback of creating this perfect space is that you may find yourself spending more and more time in the bathroom. Whether it is the master Bathroom, a hall bathroom or just a powder room, we can help design the perfect space with the right finishes for every situation.
The design process begins with discovery of the wants and needs for your room. Do you want a larger shower, a different style or size tub, more storage, better accessibility, etc.? What style and feel do you want for your bathroom? What ideas have you seen that have inspired you? Bathroom layouts can be limited with space constraints. We will spatially plan the bathroom to maximize the space available and explore creating additional square footage by accessing adjacent closets or rooms.
We offer at no charge, an in-home, personalized design Consultation. If preferred, you can choose to schedule an appointment with one of our Project Developers in our showroom. Whether the initial consultation is held in your home or in our showroom, our Project Developers will gather the information and ideas needed to create an initial concept for your newly remodeled kitchen.
To get a complete picture of what we do please check out our PROCESS so you can see the steps we take to deliver an exceptional experience from concept to completion.

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