A new kitchen is one of the most exciting and dramatic renovations you can do to your home. The kitchen is at the center of every family and entertainment activity. The space has to be beautiful but also functional. A new kitchen should make your life easier and be a point of pride in your home. A space this important must be done right and bring you joy for years to come.
We believe that a great kitchen design is a combination of form, function and your personal expression. Before beginning the kitchen design, we take the time to understand your intentions for the home. Are you fixing it up to sell or creating a kitchen that you will enjoy indefinitely? When developing your kitchen design, we want to find out which elements are most important to you. We will begin with a discussion focused on functionality. Will this be a single cook kitchen or do we need to design the kitchen to accommodate multiple cooks working together? Do you want to be able to see the TV and your kids while at the sink? Do you want family members and guests to be able eat at the island? How much entertaining do you do? We want to understand what your current lifestyle is like and help you forecast what your future needs might be. We are not only designing for your life today, but also what your life might look like 10 years from now. We will evaluate the opportunities and limitations of the existing space. We will explore combining the kitchen with adjoining spaces or even adding additional space to the home if necessary. This is just the beginning of getting to know you and your home so we can design a kitchen that fits you and your family’s needs.
We offer at no charge, an in-home, personalized design Consultation. If preferred, you can choose to schedule an appointment with one of our Project Developers in our showroom. Whether the initial consultation is held in your home or in our showroom, our Project Developers will gather the information and ideas needed to create an initial concept for your newly remodeled kitchen.
To get a complete picture of what we do please check out our PROCESS so you can see the steps we take to deliver an exceptional experience from concept to completion.

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