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Thank you for your interest in Silver Oak! This might be your first renovation or fifth. Either way, Silver Oak hopes to make it the best experience. We believe the more our clients know before starting the project, the happier they will be throughout the process. Below are questions you might have already thought of or questions that you need to ask.

Defining a budget is the responsible way to start a renovation. You might have already set a budget or you might need our help forecasting a budget. Our goal is to provide the best value for the money when investing in your home. We will be upfront on evaluating if you can get what you want within budget or if you need to scale back the scope of work.

We present the total price of your project before a deposit is made. Additionally, we provide an itemized quote of each phase of construction that includes materials. The price of a newly renovated kitchen or bath with the same layout and scope of work can change as much as 35% with material selections— same amount of work just different material. This is where the expertise of our Project Developers and CAD Designers is most valuable. We present materials for every price point. We value engineer every job so that you get the desired look and design within your budget.

There is no charge for the first meeting or to set up an appointment. We want to walk your space, review your project, and go over ideas to see if we are the best fit for your job.

Yes, our project minimum is $25,000.

Every project will have a Project Developer and CAD Designer assigned to your job at no additional cost. The final price includes all design services for your space. There is a Project Development fee that is deducted from your contract once we move forward. We love working with outside designers, but it’s advised to use our inside staff designers to save money. We do not provide interior design services such as recommendations on paint colors and window treatments.

Many kitchen and bath companies are really just cabinet dealers that also contract counter tops. A lot of general contractors will only supply the labor, leaving the client tasked with the design work as well as sourcing materials. Since we are a design/build company, there is no need to hire an outside designer or source your own materials for a kitchen, bathroom or interior project. For large additions, we partner with an outside architectural firm. For most projects, we will design, quote, provide material and construct your project from start to finish. This approach ensures that you will get the most efficient use of your time and money. One company designing your project, pricing your project and constructing your project means lower design costs, lower construction costs and a better understanding of what that final cost will be before you sign a contract. Complete synergy of design and constructability. We know how it can be built and what it will cost before we include it in your design. We start with your budget and design accordingly. There is a cost for our design work, but you don’t pay for it up front. It is included in the total price of your project. The only thing we charge is a small project development fee. This fee is collected after your free consultation, at which you will be given an estimate or price range for the scope of work discussed. In addition, this project development fee is deducted from your contract amount. This modest fee enables us to allocate the time and resources needed to produce a preliminary plan and cost breakdown from which you can decide if you would like to proceed with the project. This wholistic approach provides you with all the information you will need to make an educated decision.

We require 10% of the project proposal price as the deposit.

There is no easy way to answer this question because every project is customized. The space, site conditions, client preferences, design, and materials are all variables that impact the project timeline. We cannot answer that question until we go over all these details. We have provided our general guidelines below but these vary depending on the scope of project. 

Preliminary Design Phase: 2-4 weeks

Pre-Construction Planning Phase: 2-5 weeks

Average Project Construction Phase: 3-8 weeks

Major Construction Phase: 10-16 weeks

Yes and no. Because every project is customized, the most common change order typically happens after demo when we discover existing damage to the home or poor building methods that need to be corrected. It is our goal to minimize or limit change orders on the project. We realize our clients do not like surprises and neither do we. It disrupts the project timeline and increases the budget. We do not pad our prices to cover an unforeseen expense. If there is a change order we strive to be completely transparent with the additional scope of work and projected costs.

Along with construction materials, we offer and showcase an assortment of finish materials including flooring, tile, counter tops, cabinets and cabinet components; all of the finish materials you need to create an amazing and functional space. 

When it comes to cabinets, we offer all construction types and styles.  From partial overlay doors, to full inset doors, we have you covered.  Whether you want a painted shaker, or a stained and glazed raised panel, we can take care of you.  All of the cabinets we offer are all-wood box construction and come with solid-wood, dovetail joined drawers with soft close action. We offer midrange manufactured to high-end custom cabinets.  Each project is unique and we will tailor our cabinet specification to your needs and desires.  Beyond the construction and finish, cabinet cost is driven by the level of customization required for the design.  It is not uncommon for us to mix cabinet lines on one project, or even one room, to achieve the most attractive appearance, function and value. 

When it comes to tile, the materials and manufacturing process used both affect the final look and function of a space.  Sometimes a rectified porcelain tile is needed to achieve a certain look.  Other times a tumbled natural stone is essential to the feel of the space.  Not to mention the functional and maintenance implications of each material type.  Slabs and large format panels used for counter tops and wall cladding are the same way.  The material specifications required for one design can be very different from another.  Materials, performance, weight, durability and ease of fabrication all affect the cost and longevity of the surface. 

You can buy steak for $10 a pound or $20 a pound. Both are steaks, but you don’t know the difference until you eat them. It is the same with finishes and building material.  The good news is that the most expensive material is not necessarily the best material for your job and taste.  Marble is more expensive than porcelain, but that does not mean porcelain tile is not the best fit for your job, does not perform better than marble, and give you the look you want. This goes for countertops too. A marble countertop might be more expensive than a quartz countertop but a quartz countertop might be fit for your lifestyle and perform better over the years. With cabinets, you pay for selection and options.  Do you want more color choices or are you okay with a standard selection? Do you want more details and functionality out of your cabinets or are you okay with a standard offering?

We specialize in complete kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodeling as well as construction of additions. We do not offer handyman or repair services.

When you hire Silver Oak, you hire a team of professionals. Every project has a Project Developer, CAD Designer, Project Manager, Project Accountant, Customer Service Representative, and top of the line craftsmen. Our craftsmen have been with us for years and are experts at their trades

Yes, on occasion we use subcontractors; however, the majority of our team works full time for Silver Oak and have been with us for years.  We have a staff of more than twenty full time employees that support our clients as well as a trusted group of subcontractors in different trades.

We always prep the home before we begin construction. We take job site prep very serious in order to minimize clean up after project completion.

No, you do not need to be present during construction. We do not want to cause disruption to your daily routine. Most of our clients are at work, and in some cases out of town, during construction. Our teams have worked independently in hundreds of homes. For added security, we place a lock box at each point of entry on the job site.

We do our best to minimize the down time on your job. Our goal is to deliver your renovated space back to you as soon as possible. However, there can be breaks in the work depending on the phase of construction. In some cases, trades finish faster than the estimated timeframe for that phase. For example, if we finish demo and plumbing/electrical on Thursday we might not begin drywall until Monday. Another example, there can be a break in work after cabinets are installed while we are waiting for countertops to be fabricated and installed. Another predetermined break in your schedule is between substantial completion and final punch work. After we finalize your punch list, it can take time to order materials and schedule the correct craftsman to complete the punch work. Planning the final steps of your job before sending a craftsman out to perform the work allows for a better final product and timely completion. At this point, we know you are ready to start using the space so please bear with us as we put the final touches on your space.

Often times the last few days of work feel as long as the first couple weeks of construction. You have seen us transform your space from what it was to what it is going to be. When you see your space almost complete, it can be frustrating waiting on the last few details. Be patient! We are as excited as you are to complete the project but please know those last few details can take time.

If you have any other questions, a team member will be happy to help answer them for you. Please give us a call. We are happy to talk to you!

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